Saturday, 6 November 2021

Lions of Virtue

 Due to humble inborn mystical abilities am I able to remember and reintegrate some aspects of my previous lifetimes, including lifetimes as a Taoist mystic.  Taoism is a form of ancient Chinese mysticism that pursues a mystical union with nature, and went ever hand in hand with esoteric warriorhood. The Tao is not only the source of life but naturally also the universal essence of all things. Because the Tao is the universal essence of all things, it has a bridging function between all things, as if it enables a neural network to exist between the myriad facets of life. Those whom abide in the state of silent, empty calm actively share in this universal essence, tapping into this transcendental, cosmic neural network, allowing a deep mystical communion with the facets and dimensions of nature (i.e. life/reality; existence). This allows a state of natural wisdom and natural harmony. Because this process transcends religion, culture and tradition, have I decided to apply this mystical state of being to my characters within a fictional world that is not intended to resemble traditional China. This also implies I do not seek to represent Taoism in any of its official (religious) forms. But it is upon the spirit of the esoteric Taoist warrior that I have called when I wrote this book, Lions of Virtue.

 It would certainly be correct to say that Lions of Virtue may be interpreted to allegorically tell of a journey from weakness unto strength while facing the myriad forms of resistance that a spiritual person must endure upon this world, and is indeed a reflection of my own personal journey through life. Of course, where the characters should resemble highly enlightened and mystically accomplished beings, all resemblance to my humble self ends.

  The wisdom that this book conveys, if I may call it that, is not necessarily intended to be understood on a conceptual level. The aim of Lions of Virtue is to allow its readers to glimpse into the transcendental consciousness of the Taoist mystic, his mode of conduct, and his realm of feeling. In order to achieve this, I call upon the skill of mystical penmanship. Quantum physics tells us that everything actually consists out of vibrational energy. When a mystic is given to the art of penmanship, he naturally manifests the energetic patterns of harmony of his mystical constitution into patterns of phonological harmony in speech, meaning his sentences attain a certain harmonious rhythm inspired by his oneness with higher things. In this manner does he seek to cause a certain resonance in the inner world of his audience, so that on a deeper level they come to partake in the realm of experience of the mystic, and the spiritual principles that underlie that realm. This means that through the art of storytelling I do not necessarily seek to introduce certain principles but rather to induce them. Lions of Virtue is intended to be a meditative journey, and is best read (or listened to) by making oneself calm and present in the moment. I hope that with this book spiritual people will get a sense of the Taoist mystical state of being, and feel inspired to find the spiritual warrior within themselves. Like this, I hope that the Light upon this world may grow stronger and stronger, and last beyond the challenges and hardships that we as a humanity must endure.

Aviilokín K'shi

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