Sunday, 31 October 2021

Three Dependencies


But know, o Miro'ann, thou knowest thyself and the people, but never shall the people know thee or themselves. (Aviilokín K'shi, The Fables of Lokaii)

 In order to be balanced and strong, the human chakra system needs to be nourished  by the energies of social-emotional and romantic-sexual harmony, and by a moral form of material self-sufficiency. I perceive these are the three main dependencies of a human being. When one begins to grow spiritually, one must take in consideration that one will have increasing difficulty fulfilling these three dependencies. This is because we can only get these three dependencies fulfilled through other human beings. It is an unfortunate fact that human beings reject (and become biased towards) people who are different than themselves and who they cannot understand. Human beings have an innate fear of the dark, stemming from the time in which humanity still lived in its primitive state. In the dark of night, it is only too easy to envision all sorts of scary predators, or members of hostile tribes desiring to harm you. It can be compared to the dark alley of our modern day.  A spiritual person whom via his mystical self-cultivation transcends the human standard inevitably becomes understood less and less, and so it is that for his growing Light, people will see darkness in him more and more. The pre-anticipating, primitive mortal phobia that lives within all human beings makes all sorts of negative projections upon the spiritual person, just like people project all sorts of malice upon the inimical image of a looming, dark alley. This is an important facet of "consciousness discrimination". Unfortunately this principle continues unabated among spiritual people themselves; those with actual mystical achievement are not understood and are persecuted.

One enters upon a seeming paradox, one might grow spiritually but one will be able to answer one's three dependencies less and less. This causes the chakra system to become imbalanced, weak and vulnerable. Like this, your spiritual growth will first elevate you but very quickly will then also bring you down. It is inevitable that this requires a degree of detachment and emotional emancipation. One might need to pursue self-respect or self-love  in order to have less emotional dependency upon one's environment. One may also ask the harmonizing powers of Tao/the universe for suiting companionship and a fitting societal position for one's material needs. Concerning answering the three dependencies while transcending the general human standard, I believe it is difficult to provide a universal answer for every individual. Rather, looking at my own experience in life, it is best to advice people to work with the harmonizing powers of Tao to Manifest a solution that fits their own individual circumstances best. When I was younger, I had the dream of purchasing a piece of land in which people would have the social freedom to live in Stillness, while respecting individuality and every walk of life. Unfortunately, as the years increased my life experience, I noticed how quickly and naturally spiritual communities become sectarian and seek to enforce uniformity upon its members. My increasing life experience also revealed that almost no spiritual people actually experience Stillness, nor understand its meaning or value, which leads to persecution and discrimination all in itself. I always like to be very honoust with my audience; Tao cultivation in this world is very, very difficult. The Stillness, which is so fundamental for Tao cultivation, is simply understood no-where. Not in temples, not in mainstream society, not in spiritual communities. My humble advice therefore remains to work with the harmonizing powers of Tao to find your own Way.

Aviilokín K'shi

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