Sunday, 8 August 2021

Transcendental Empathy

Taoism is a path that did not only perceive the Tao as the divine source of life, but especially as a passageway into nature. In order to understand this, we must see that the Tao is not only the source of life but naturally also the universal essence of all things. Because the Tao is the universal essence of all things, it has a bridging function between all things, as if it enables a neural network to exist between the myriad facets of life. Therefore those who learn to live in compliance with Tao learn to interface with reality, and so become wise and harmonious. 

I also like to refer to this quality as transcendental empathy
The meaning of empathy is that one is able to understand another person by being able to place oneself in his or her position. By living in compliance with Tao, one places oneself in the universal essence of all things, thereby attaining an empathic relationship with the truths of life, including the laws and principles of nature. This is the origin of esoteric wisdom such as yoga, qi gong, inner alchemy, the mystical martial arts, and tantra. I believe transcendental empathy also holds the key as how to advance into a technological civilization that destroys neither itself nor its environment. 

To explain transcendental empathy further, imagine three empty bowls. All three bowls contain the same “emptiness”, the same transcendental essence. Let us say that one of these bowls is you. The second bowl is ordinary, daily things, such as rivers, mountains, trees and other lifeforms. The third bowl stands for more abstract things, such as the laws of nature. When one bowl makes contact with its own emptiness, it simultaneously connects with the emptiness of the other two bowls, because their emptiness is actually the same. Because of this, the bowl that realizes its emptiness attains a very strong empathic bond with the other two bowls, and comes to understand them very deeply. It becomes very deeply attuned with them for that it actively shares in their common, universal nature. This is what I would deem the essence of Tao cultivation. 

By Aviilokín K'shi in "Dao De Jing: Gateway into Nature"

Aviilokín K'shi

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