Wednesday, 11 August 2021

Crystal Pranayama

 The following technique has been attained through "transcendental empathy"; I call it crystal pranayama.
Qi, the Chinese word for lifeforce energy, simultaneously contains the meaning air. This is because much of our lifeforce comes from the air that we breathe. Prana, the Indian-Sanskrit word for lifeforce, implies the same.

Since ancient times mystics have known that crystals contain specific energies with respective effects upon the psycho-energetic body (i.e. the aura and chakra-meridian system) of the human being, enabling crystals to play a role in healing and personal growth.
Quantum physics shows us that energy reacts to consciousness and intention. With our consciousness and intention, we will use our breath to transfer the energy of a crystal unto our chakras, meridians, and aura.

  • General application: Hold the crystal of your choice below the nostrils.
    Direct your awareness inside the crystal, and the space just around it.
    Form the intention of wanting to breathe in the crystal's energy.
    Breathe calmly and deeply, or use special yogic breathing techniques.
  • Auric breathing: Follow the steps above while also directing your awareness around your body to attune yourself with your aura. You may visualize your aura as a shell of pure light, should that help you. Breathe in the crystal's energy while holding the intention of directing the crystal's energy into the aura. This will transfer the crystal's energy into the aura. I find that this is more powerful than the first method.
  • Chakra breathing: Follow the procedures of the first step while also holding your awareness in a chakra. Breathing in the crystal's energy like this will direct the energy towards the chakra. This is inevitably best done with crystals that are specifically meant for a respective charka, such a red ruby for the first chakra. 
  • Meridian breathing: Follow the procedures of the first step while also directing the awareness and breath through certain meridian channels, this will channel a crystal's energy through the respective meridian channel. 
Before inhaling a crystal's energy, you can program it with your intention for a specific purpose, such as healing insecurity. This is inevitably best done with a crystal that is known for having a beneficial effect upon feelings of security. While performing crystal pranayama, you can visualize a certain desired result, for instance you can visualize a situation that would ordinarily make you feel insecure, but in your visualization you visualize yourself as confident. The crystal's energy will energize and empower this visualization. This effect is further enhanced by directing your intention and visualization unto a chakra that contains the feeling of insecurity.
In general, crystal pranayama will forge a stronger connection between your energy-body and your crystal.

Working with the energy body is to work with the energetic facet of your psyche. There are numerous cases of people whom practice esoteric techniques without being emotionally/psychologically ready, and so lose their mental, emotional and/or physical balance. Practice crystal pranayama only by your own discretion. I cannot be held responsible for any negative results, nor does this article seek to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease. Spiritually I may advise that you ask for guidance and protection from higher sources, or that you work under the supervision of a trained and accomplished yogi.

Aviilokín K'shi

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