Sunday, 18 July 2021

Mystical Poetry

In my books I ever write in a poetic style. This means that I do not employ colloquial sentence structures, but found my phraseology on patterns of phonological harmony in speech. In other words, the sentence structure is guided by a sense of harmony in terms of sound.

The ancient Taoists always wrote in this manner, for these patterns of phonological harmony in speech have a deep mystical meaning to them.

The ancient Taoists were so at one with nature, that they were able to perceive that nature began in a state of chaos while gradually evolving unto a state of order and harmony. We now understand this primordial chaos as the Big Bang.

Quantum physics tells us that all things are actually patterns of vibrational energy. The clothes that you wear, the chair upon which you sit, the air that you breathe, your body, your thoughts — all these things in truth but consist out of patterns of vibrational energy.

The way nature seeks to harmonize and stabilize her original chaos energies is by causing coherence between them. This means the myriad energies of existence bond, connect and resonate with each other.
We perceive these harmonious energetic coherences as graceful, for when we look at the beautiful forms of nature, we in truth behold these patterns of quantum energetic harmony.

One who cultivates the Tao inevitably unifies himself with this evolutionary principle. Because he unifies and actualizes nature her laws and principles within himself, he too attains a state of higher energetic harmony. Not only do these patterns of higher energetic harmony manifest in all his facets and daily efforts, but also in his athletic, scientific and artistic pursuits. When a Taoist mystic is given to the art of penmanship, he manifests the patterns of energetic harmony that he experiences in his deeper mystical self-realization, into patterns of phonological harmony in speech. This means that the Taoist mystic employs the grammar of nature herself, and thereby inevitably becomes a poet. With this feat the patterns of phonological harmony that he manifests hold the potential to inspire his audience into entering and feeling that very mystical oneness with nature that underlies this harmony, so that a very subtle spiritual transmission takes place that unifies people with truth on a deeper level.

Aviilokín K'shi

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